Extended Capabilities Software

by | Nov 7, 2018

Extend the capabilities of GRIDlink through available software packages. Increase ROI and achieve energy saving goals through multi-tasking. Use DR loads for other functions.
Special Signals – for Custom Control Logic
OpenADR 2.0b provides Special Signals that go beyond a moderate or high event.

SIMPLE LEVEL signals have allowed values  ( 0,1,2,3 ) which declare signal properties such as status or level. There are 20 additional signal names made available in 2.0b which allow complex operations.

One Signal Name available is LOAD_CONTROL which has 4 Signal Types. For this example we will use xLoadControlSetpoint which will accept any whole numeric value.

The VTN will send a start and end time as usual but in this case the Signal Value could be any large number such as 2341226 which will invoke a special control logic in the GRIDlink.

The GRIDlink can also break the number down so part depicts the control logic and part depicts the set point.

The user working with our staff can construct a system that produces a uniquely custom response.

MV Meter – Remote Meter Reading using Cloud Technology
Powerful meter reading capability comes standard on all GRIDlink products. If you need a quick and easy way to read meter data remotely then the GRIDlink MVmeter is the solution.
As a standalone solution, GRIDlink MVmeter can be installed in the local area network and pump meter readings to the GRIDview Cloud from behind firewalls without opening ports.

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kW Rate Limiter
kW Rate Limiting is a software module available to all GRIDlink products.
As a stand alone product GRIDlink can shed loads to avoid reaching peak usage during critical time of use based on meter inputs. As an add-on to DR, loads earmarked for demand response can be shed during non-events to avoid reaching peak usage during critical time of use.

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Fast Frequency Response  is a software module available to all GRIDlink products.
Respond to over or under-Frequency conditions by shedding or consuming load.

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DR Event Scheduler is a software package available in all GRIDlink products.
DR Event Scheduler works with or without a Demand Response Automation Server (VTN). It is not intended to replace an Open ADR Server but to add powerful Demand Response functionality in cases where the user wants to:

  1. Implement a pilot program for a small number of test units before an Open ADR Server vendor is selected.
  2. Automate an existing manual system.
  3. Use as a “Starter” or “Low Scale” DR program.


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