GRIDlink 6000 E Series

by | Oct 5, 2020

GRIDlink E

GRIDlink E Series (5 Ethernet Ports)

GRIDlink E

Communicate via DNP3, Modbus or BACnet

GRIDlink E Series shares all the rugged features of the CE version with 5 Ethernet ports. This enables the user to connect via the LAN to a HVAC or Building Automation System and make available all Open ADR Signal values in DNP3 and Modbus registers. BACnet is available with the addition of GRIDlink GVH-304K200 or GVH-307K200 HMI.

Because the E Series is an Cisco Class router, users can set up a sub-network to connect devices used by the GRIDlink. This way the IT manager needs to assign only 1 IP address for the installation.

GRIDlink E Series is shipped set for DHCP network connection and will operate without further configuration. Static IP (if required) can be changed easily using an USB cable.

Additional to DNP3, Modbus or BACnet connection

One Digital output can be wired to a Relay and One Digital input for local Opt Out.

KYZ inputs are not available on this model.

Open ADR 2.0a / 2.0b