Twin Virtual End Nodes – Single Location

Apr 20, 2021 | ADR Products-Group, Products-Group

Open ADR Certified

GRIDlink Gemini provides 2 Virtual End Nodes that receive Open ADR Events from 2 separate VTNs with cellular failover

Introducing Gemini,  a VEN that can communicate with 2 Virtual Top Nodes simultaneously.

Now an ISO can call Events directly to the load independently of the Utility.

Twin VEN

Relay 1 – Provide notice of Pending Event to either VEN ID.
Relay 2 – Moderate Signal VEN 1.
Relay 3 – High Signal VEN 1.
Relay 4 – On indicates DRAS connection (Reserved)
Relay 5 – Pre-Event. Adjustable 60 minutes prior to Event VEN 1.
Relay 6 – Moderate Signal VEN 2.
Relay 7 – High Signal VEN 2.
Relay 8 – Pre-Event. Adjustable 60 minutes prior to Event VEN 2.


Independent Loads – Relays can be configured to share the same load or different ones. Separate Modbus addresses allow the same separation which can be accessed by a BMS.

Cellular Fail-over Service Available  – The GRIDlink CE Hybrid provides the 4G cellular service in an Industrial Cisco Class router. This will be configured to ping the Internet on the LAN and automatically fail-over to cell on loss of connection to the VTN

Router Capabilities – The router capabilities provide a firewall within the LAN that will provide additional cyber protection from outside hackers but also protection locally within the network from unauthorized users.

Single LAN IP – Additionally, there is only one IP address required from IT for both VENs to operate on the LAN. This is important in highly restricted networks. The CE will create a sub-network for all devices attached like the GRIDlink VT-MIPM 135 ADR, BACnet converters or Modbus meters. GRIDlink 135 will accept up to 4 meter inputs in any combination of TCP, RS485 or 2 wire KYZ and provide Open ADR Usage Reports.

Industrial RTU – GRIDlink VT-MIPM 135 ADR provides the computational capabilities with 8 onboard relay outputs. The 135 will process the Events from both VEN accounts and send to the relays accordingly.