IC Systems is in the business of providing end to end control and monitoring solutions utilizing the Internet for the Utility Energy Market. The “market” is all Utilities consisting of IOUs (Investor Owned Utilities), Municipalities, Coops and Federal Power Authorities both domestic and International. This includes selling directly to the Utility, the technical implementors or OEMs.

We identify specific applications which conform to the following criteria:

1. Applications that are in high growth segments of the energy market.
2. That currently are not well served (no existing leader).
3. Require some software stack such as Open ADR, Fast Frequency Response or NREL solar positing algorithm.
4. The overall solution can be adapted to world wide energy companies with minor software changes.
5. Where our Cloud technology gives us a significant advantage over all other solutions.

Our value proposition allows customers to deploy and manage SCADA type solutions without needing to be onsite. Hardware can be installed by an electrician provided with a simple wiring diagram.

All our technology is highly cyber secure, with no inbound traffic leveraging all the power of the embedded Linux operating system in our devices