Meter Data – 113 / 135 Series

by | Sep 27, 2020

  • Access Data from Meters, Energy Managements Systems, Inverters, Battery Systems and more…
  • Obtain Meter Data from multiple sources – log to GRIDview Cloud and analyze
  • Push Telemetry Data to OpenADR VTN
  • Adopt Advanced DR Control Strategies based on kW, Frequency, kVAR, Volts and Voltage Unbalance %


Meter Trend Screens

meter Trending

Up to 4 Meter Inputs

The 113 and 135 Series have 4 computation modules built in to its Control Software and has reserved I/O registers which can be read by other Modbus or DNP3 devices.

These modules can accept any combination of KYZ pulses or inputs from Modbus meters or relayed meter data from a BMS / EMS using Modbus TCP.

KYZ Meter Inputs

 4  onboard high speed counter inputs to accept KYZ pulses (form A and form C).

The pulses are counted at 1, 5, 15 & 30 minute periods calculating time stamped interval data and is totalized in a memory register providing total kWh for each meter.

Instant kW from Pulse Inputs

The pulse durations are timed to calculate instant kW making the representation of load shed more meaningful when viewed in the trend screen of GRIDview.

Modbus Meter Inputs

Meter data can be obtained through Modbus reads over Ethernet or the RS485 serial port.

Inverters or Batteries +/-

Meter data can be obtained from inverters or storage battery systems plus or minus signs for generation or consumption.

Data from BMS/EMS

Meter data can also be written using Modbus TCP into the reserved I/O registers from Energy Management Systems.

Frequency, kVAR, Volts

Any data available from a meter can be read and used in the GRIDlink control software such as frequency, kVAR, volts and Voltage Unbalance %. DR control strategies can be implemented based on this data. Contact us for special requirements.