DR Event Scheduler

Feb 7, 2021 | Available Software Modules

Manually Schedule OpenADR Events without a Virtual Top Node while maintaining full OpenADR compliance and capabilities

View Meter Data

Connect up to 4 KYZ or Modbus meters and view logged instant kW or interval data. Export to CSV files for analysis.

meter Trending

DR Event Scheduler is a software package available in all GRIDlink 113 & 135 ADR Series that creates and Moderate & High OpenADR signal. 

Use DR Event Scheduler to:

  • Implement a pilot program for a number of test units before an Open ADR Server vendor is selected.
  • Automate an existing manual system.
  • Use as a “Starter” or “Low Scale” DR program with the capabilities of a fully functional Open ADR certified VEN.

Proof of Concept

It may not be clear that the available load sheds can provide the requisite kW reduction without unforeseen ramifications. DR Event Scheduler offers the capability to fully test the concept. The user can schedule events, shed loads and record kW reduction from KYZ pulses or Modbus power meters directly into the GRIDlink. This will serve to justify the investment as the Utility scales up to an Open ADR Server.

Future Proof your Investment

DR Event Scheduler works without a Demand Response Automation Server (VTN) and can be easily connect to one later remotely using GRIDview.