Extend ADR Signals to More Resources

Dec 9, 2021 | Products-Group

GRIDlink control is infinitely extendable to remote IO, PLCs, BMS and more..

Expand the reach of OpenADR Signals to remote resources using:

  • Local Network (WiFi or wired)
  • Serial (RS485)
  • IOT (remote locations)

Industrial IOT Products:

GRIDlink Expand Resources

Control Outputs

OpenADR Signals are translated into onboard IO outputs to:

  • Energize relays
  • Provide a 4-20mA Analog signal

Local Network

Using the onboard Serial Ports or the Ethernet port connected to the Local Network (WiFi or CAT5e) :

  • OpenADR Signals can be re transmitted as Modbus TCP/RTU or BACnet signals to other automation devices.
  • The onboard IO outputs re-transmitted to low cost remote IO.

IoT Entends Signals anywhere

Using a GRIDlink E Series or HMI IOT Gateway, all OpenADR Signals and Control Outputs to the GRIDlink IOT broker or to any other IOT server.