Dynamic Energy Management

Jan 26, 2021 | Available Software Modules

A Control Software that manages energy by changing the process variable

dynamically from an OpenADR VTN, GRIDview, IOT or Modbus Signal

Changes control logic in response to changes in

  • kWatts
  • Frequency
  • kVAR
  • Volts

GRIDlink responds to Supervisory Control Signals from designated devices on the Local Area Network or from Cloud Sources such as OpenADR VTN, IOT or GRIDview.


Dynamic Energy Management
  • The Signal can change strategies, set points, PID or ON-OFF control.
  • Strategies are pre-configured and can change from one control variable such a frequency to another such as Volts or kW.
  • GRIDlink can connect to any Modbus Meter via Ethernet or RS485.
  • Data can be averaged or instant.
  • Relay Outputs can be physical or virtual accessible by Modbus.
  • Relays have adjustable deadbands for smooth control.
  • Analog Outputs can be On board 4-20mA or virtual accessible by Modbus.


As an OpenADR VEN (Virtual End Node), GRIDlink connects to the Utility’s VTN (Virtual Top Node) and receives a 2.0b Special signal which declares an under frequency condition on the grid. In a bottle manufacturing facility, a GRIDlink is connected to a Modbus meter and a number of loads such as air  compressors, heaters, fans and a bank of batteries. The GRIDlink will shift it’s control logic to begin shedding loads and discharging stored energy in the batteries until frequency is within acceptable limits. This will be a continuous control logic for the duration of the Event or until cancelled by the Utility.

The next day there may be an under voltage event and the Signal will shift the GRIDlink over to voltage as the process variable.

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