VT-IPM2M 113/213 Series ADR

by | Jan 10, 2017


GRIDlink VT-IPM2M 113 ADR is certified to Open ADR 2.0a & 2.0b. Thousands sold worldwide with proven inter-operability on all major Open ADR Servers, GRIDlink is trusted throughout the world by major Utilities.

In a class by itself for Commercial/Industrial & Agricultural applications, GRIDlink continuously sets Industry standards for innovation and reliability. See full presentation …

Easy 3 step installation process enables any electrician to quickly install without any special training.

GRIDview Cloud allows our engineers to oversee and assist installations in real time so installers do not have to return to the jobsite for any reason.

Industrial RTU features:

Ordering Guide

Part # Ethernet RS-232 RS-485 DI DO AI AO NVRAM FLASH DRAM Purchase Now
Ports Ports Ports
VT-IPM2M-113-ADR 1 1 1 12 4 8 512K 32M 32M Buy
VT-IPM2M-213-ADR 1 1 1 12 4 8 2 512K 32M 32M Buy
VT-MIPM-135-ADR 1 2 1 12 8 6 512K 64M 64M Buy

Available Software Packages