Title 24 DR Requirements

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State of California 2016
  • HVAC Systems – Sec. 120.2(h)
  • Indoor Lighting Systems – Sec. 130.1(e)
  • Electronic Message Centers – Sec. 130.3
California Demand Response building code requirements are generally triggered by the construction of or additions to facilities but may also be triggered by the replacement of specific pieces of equipment. In those cases the building code requires:

 The ability to participate in demand response events but does not require the actual participation in demand response events.

For many the requirement is unclear and it raised doubt as to what equipment to supply in order to meet the code. It is equally unclear as to how the contractor will demonstrate that the device selected is in compliance and will pass inspection.

In California all 3 major Utilities PG&E, SCE & SDG&E have adopted Open ADR as the Demand Reponse program. GRIDlink is Open ADR certified and has been used throughout all 3 service areas.

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Title 24

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SmartT WiFi ADR

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