Using Market Context in Open ADR

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Market contexts are used to express market information that rarely changes. Typically the Utility will name Events to correspond to Incentive Programs thereby creating a pre-define a class of Events so the VEN can differentiate.

This information is parsed in the Event payload by the end node and compared the Market Contexts defined in the dras_client.ini file. If the VEN defines specific Market Contexts other Events will not be accepted or executed by the VEN with respect to a Market Context.

See “How do I change Market Context in a GRIDlink?”



The Utility wishes to send 2 Events a day and not every VEN will participate in both Events.

First create a market context called “morningDR” and then a second called “eveningDR” in the VTN.

Create new Market Context classes in the VTN

Modify the the Market Context in the GRIDlink dras_client.ini file.

For the VENs that will participate only in the first Event:


For the VENs that will participate only in the second Event:


For the VENs that will participate in both Events:



For the VENs that will participate  all Events regardless of Market Context


If either Market Context is blank the GRIDlink will participate in all Events.

When creating an Event use the market context

The VENs should only prtisipate in the Market Context defined in their dras_client.ini file.