When do I use a CE series GRIDlink?

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Cyber Security, FAQ-Group

2.0a/b Simple or Special Events

Cell backhaul for remote areas like farm irrigation & pump stations

Government buildings with highly secure networks

Use when just a DR signal is needed with a single relay output and no extra control logic.

GRIDlink CE Open ADR

RAM-6901 CE

GRIDlink CE Open ADR

RAM-6921 CE Hybrid

The CE Series offers these features:

  • Can be configured to operate on an existing LAN but automatically fails over to cell on LAN failure.
  • Cisco Class router with firewall for added security.
  • Create a sub-network to interconnect Ethernet devices like meters. This way IT only needs to allow one new IP address on its network from the GRIDlink.
  • RAM-6921 CE Hybrid has 5 Ethernet ports