Industrial Internet of Things

Feb 23, 2021 | Products-Group

Connecting ordinary things like PLCs, I/O, Controllers, Meters and Sensors  to a computer network to make them “intelligent”. A fully industrial embedded system connects each thing together in a network and to the internet and more …

Industrial IOT Products:

Industrial IOT
  • Amazon AWS IOT
  • AT&T M2X
  • Autodesk Fusion Connect
  • Cumulocity
  • Ignition
  • Microsoft Azure IOT Hub
  • Nokia IMPACT
  • Telenor Cloud Connect
  • User Configurable

How IoT Works

IoT connects your buildings, facilities, and equipment through secure TLS encryption and Microsoft Azure. Your data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere through pub/sub architecture for real-time visualization of KPI data at the edge.  We deliver an efficient, secure connection to the cloud through bi-directional AMQP for Microsoft Azure, as well as MQTT, REST, and Websockets for third party cloud providers. With in the cloud, your data is more accessible than ever.