GRIDlink 6000 CE Series

by | Jul 21, 2019

For Simple & Special 2.0a/b applications requiring cellular or LAN with cell failover backhaul and 1 relay output.

GRIDlink 6001

GRIDlink  CE (1 Ethernet Port)

  GRIDlink CE & CE Hybrid are the only Open ADR 2.0a embedded cellular routers available on the market today. Built on the proven IndustrialPro® 6000 Cellular platform it is rugged and reliable.

GRIDlink CE offers a cost effective and secure wireless simple Open ADR Virtual End Node or Event Notification Interface to your building Management System or PLC. The rugged design is ideal for harsh environments and the compact size is ideal where equipment wiring space is limited. Drive a relay through the on board Digital Output. Poll a Modbus meter over TCP.  Ethernet and serial interface provide easy wireless link from the Utility VTN to load shedding devices on your local area network using Modbus TCP.


GRIDlink CE Hybrid (5 Ethernet Ports)

l GRIDlink CE Hybrid shares all the features of the CE version but also has 5 Ethernet ports. This enables the user to connect to the Utility VTN through a wired LAN which fails over to a cell connection if the Internet connection over the wired LAN is ever lost. This provides communication redundancy with a minimal data plan. Convenient VPN capabilities, data encryption and stateful firewall configuration can be used to secure remote  networks.

KYZ inputs are not available on this model.

Open ADR 1.0, 2.0a / 2.0b