OEM – Lighting & HVAC

by | Jan 31, 2021

Open ADR Certified Installations

Including California Title 24 Insallations

Products included in this Program:

Manufacturers of control systems and related devices for the commercial/industrial HVAC or Lighting markets in which GRIDlink products are embedded to meet Open ADR certification are eligible. Apply Online

Once interoperability has been established your  Company information, engineering contact and the trade name of the system(s) in which GRIDlink products are embedded receive a “Certificate of Interoperability for Open ADR” and be listed.


 This can be accomplished in 1 of 2 ways:

  •  A successful joint test of a prototype system using our Virtual Top Node at your facility.
  • GRIDlink Technologies witness the acceptance test of the first implementation.

Schedule A – discount structure is based on a forecast for the calendar year.


  • A forecast of a minimum of 10 units is required to participate.
  • Shipments will be made on a monthly basis in accordance with the forecast.
  • The OEM must take delivery of any remaining items forecasted by the end of the calendar year.

Schedule B – is a graduated discount structure based on meeting quantity milestones over a calendar year.


  • No Minimum.
  • Once a discount level is achieved it will be carried over to the subsequent years.
  • Discount expires after 12 calendar months of inactivity and zero purchases.

Price Concession from current Published List Price.

Shipping costs will be prepaid and added to the invoice.