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Series RAM®-6021 Industrial Edge Gateway / Router by Red Lion offers secure and reliable communication to remotely deployed assets. Now with the power of GRIDlink Technologies, the rugged RAM-6021 is ideal for connecting to Modbus or DNP3 devices such as SCADA servers, PLCs, Sensors and other automation equipment and send data to the Cloud.

GRIDlink RAM-6021

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Use GRIDlink Edge as the Gateway to rapidly deploy the Industrial Internet of Things to add real-time operational intelligence to your Enterprise. Send MODBUS data to GRIDview or IoT Cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Expand intelligence by distribution of System data through IOT

GRIDlink Edge allows interoperable communication throughout the entire network. Users may configure the clients on the network to subscribe to topics within MQTT, communicate through DNP3 and Modbus, or tunnel through to a device via cell. Within the network users may create an environment that provides limitless communication to all clients on the network, creating an IOT network within.

MODBUS protocol is the most commonly used industrial data protocol. By connecting any Modbus enabled device, GRIDlink Edge will seamlessly convert MODBUS registers to data packets and send to your Cloud of choice via MQTT topics.

Data can be presented in any way that you need. Your GRIDlink Technologies support engineer can pre-configure your GRIDlink Edge Gateway at no charge.