Fast Frequency Response (Simple ADR)

by | Feb 20, 2019

Fast Frequency Response ls available for 2.0a & 2.0b versions.

Used in concert with Open ADR Simple Events

Respond to over or under-Frequency conditions by shedding or consuming loads using the Moderate or High relays for Simple DR.

  • GRIDlink receives frequency reading every 1 second.
  • GRIDlink logs line frequency in the GRIDview Cloud if desired.
  • The system monitors both under and over frequency.
  • The user can set under and over frequency threshold limits with dead bands.
  • If the frequency drops below the threshold, Digital Output 3 will provide a 24VDC output to change the state of a relay to shed  load.
  • For over frequency, Digital Output 2 can be configured to change the state of a relay to consume energy.
  • A timing element requires the frequency go above or below the threshold for a configured amount of time before tripping the relay.
  • A configurable dead band in concert with a configurable time delay will determine when the system will return to normal.

Multiple relay outputs require Model VT-MIPM-135 ADR

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