Occupant Controlled Smart Thermostats

SmartT Wi-Fi ADR is a certified Open ADR 2.0a/b solution for Mid-Market Commercial-Industrial applications. This meets all of California Title 24 2016 requirements. It is perfect for companies who do not have a Building Automation System by simply replacing the existing thermostats with “Smart” Thermostats.

Enterprise grade Wi-Fi Access Points are placed in hallways or other common spaces which each room thermostats can connect. With a range of up to 600 feet the communications can connect seamlessly through walls and ceilings. Repeaters extend this range for a longer distance or where cement or steel walls/floors are present.

GRIDlink sends the Event signal to one or more BAS Comm modules. The BAS Comm module can communicate to up to 40 thermostats. The system is fully scaleable by adding more modules.

RP32-WIFI – Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Network Thermostat provides software to discover and program the RP32 over the network giving the owners full automation capability:

  • Automatic Heat Cool Changeover
  • 7-Day Programmable, with up to Four (4) Schedules per Day.
  • Integrated Web Server with Email/Text Message Alerting.

In conventional mode, this Wi-FI thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to two (2) stages of heating.

In heat pump mode, the thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to three (3) stages of heat, including auxiliary heat and emergency heat, with electric or gas (dual fuel).

Integrated Weatherbug gives full 7-day forecasting and heat pump balance point control without the need for an outdoor sensor.

This system will work for the vast majority of the HVAC units in the marketplace.

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Wi-Fi Thermostat

GRIDlink programming is firewalled from the Building Automation programming thereby creating security and reliability. During an Event GRIDlink simply changes the set points and locks the thermostat’s face plate. When the Event is over the system returns to normal.