Remote Cellular Access / Connectivity

Nov 27, 2021 | Networks-Group, Products-Group

Basic Strategies:

Failover Connectivity where Automation devices reliant on the Internet from the Local Area Network can failover to cell when the connection is lost.

Remote Cellular Access or Inter-connectivity where the cell router equipped with a Static IP can sit on a remote network and provide a secure Ethernet bridge to automation equipment from a laptop or other automation equipment on another remote network.



GRIDlink RAc cell router

GRIDlink RAc

Failover Connectivity

Multiple Failover Strategies

    • LAN to Cellular WAN failover – Failover to cell if LAN Internet connection is lost
    • Cellular WAN to WAN failover – Dual SIM Cards provide dual carrier redundancy
    • LAN WiFi to Cellular WAN failover – Failover to cell if LAN WiFi Internet connection is lost

This circumvents an interruption from your ISP, temporary bandwidth issues or IT mishaps. The GRIDlink RAc will seamlessly failover to cell until the connection is restored. Cell data plans can be significantly reduced to lower costs while increase reliability.

Remote Access

Remote Access to Automation Systems

With a Static IP that doesn’t ever change, Engineers can access equipment like PLCs or Building Management Systems remotely at customer sites behind firewalls quickly and securely. The Verizon network provides the same security used in Banking ATMs. By simply configuring the port number, a user can communicate with any device remotely as though it were sitting on their LAN.

Remote Inter-connectivity

Remote Automation Inter-connectivity

Example: Remote Power Monitoring

If a PLC needed to gather data from Modbus TCP meters located miles away, then with the Static IP of the RAc programmed into the PLC, data could then flow as if it were on the LAN.

Simply stated any Modbus device in one location can communicate with another Modbus device over Ethernet anywhere.