SN & RAM Cell – Firmware Upgrade

Firmware versions 3.13/4.13 & 3.14/4.14

This applies to all SN & RAM devices with the exception of  SN/RAM-6400/6401/6421 models where Firmware version 3.13/4.13 is recommended.

You must connect your PC to the SN or RAM using the local Ethernet port. Here are the instructions

To upgrade the firmware in a SN or RAM Cellular Router, you must first go to and download the firmware package.


For this example, we will download version 3.13/4.13. Note there is a detailed Migration Procedure available in the “More Info” column.

Once the zip file is downloaded and saved, extract to a folder with the same name.



To avoid issues found in versions 3.09 to 3.12, the following package should be installed first:

 Admin / Package Installation



Select Choose File


Open the extracted file folder and Install


Now install Firmware

 Admin / Firmware Update


Select Choose File



Open the extracted Images file an upload 2 Firmware image files in this order, one at a time.

  1. sn-bootfs.jffs2
  2. sn-rootfs.jffs2)



Allow the device 5 minutes to complete the process before turning off power.