Port Forwarding

OBfirewall 850Central to GRIDlink’s Cyber Security is it’s exclusive “Behind the Firewall Communications” technology. All communications originate from the GRIDlink and no incoming traffic is necessary to achieve full bi-directional control and monitoring. With it’s own built in firewall, GRIDlink can be fully secure to malicious activities even those originating from inside the corporate firewall on the local network.

If requested, the RS232 configuration port can be disabled in the firmware and the port secured with a TripWire RJ45 port lock

“Port Forwarding”

Port Forwarding is a router configuration that allows an external computer a way to enter the corporate network through the firewall from the outside. It is the only way other VEN manufacturers can achieve so call “Remote Accessibility” to their devices. This is in actuality an unrealistic claim as it would never be allowed by an IT Manager on any corporate network. See Letter to IT Manager

Before you consider using a VEN that requires “Port Forwarding” for remote monitoring and configuration, here are the ramifications to the installation after the IT Manager denies the request to open a port and use port forwarding. Read more …