Our Technology (working copy)

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The first Global User Interface

that simplifies management of

energy systems anywhere …

Data Acquisition

Acquire data using

industry accepted open protocols

in commercial/industrial environments 

in real time…


Embed Custom Control Logic

Data Logging

Store logged data for weeks

or in a powerful Historian for years

Real Time Analytics

Analyze data as it is received

Simplified Installation

  • No special training needed, our engineers are virtually on-site.
  • Installers are guided remotely with full diagnostics.
  • Changes can be made quickly through the GRIDview Cloud.

No Servers to Maintain

  • All interface screens and data storage are accessed securely.
  • No user licenses, seat limits, server upgrades or anti-virus software to deal with.

Industrial IOT

  • Uniquely Qualified for Industrial Internet of Things.


100% Situational Awareness

  • All information about the status of the network and the health of the GRIDlink is reported every minute.
  • Potential failures can be predicted and corrected quickly without a truck roll.