kW Rate Limiter

by | Jan 29, 2017 | Available Software Modules

Rate Limiter

kW Rate Limiting is a software module available to all GRIDlink products.

As a stand alone product GRIDlink can shed loads to avoid reaching peak usage during critical time of use based on meter inputs. As an add-on to DR, loads earmarked for demand response can be shed during non-events to avoid reaching peak usage during critical time of use.

  • GRIDlink receives KYZ pulses or instant kW over Modbus from 1 or more meters .
  • GRIDlink calculates and totals kW rate which is logged in the GRIDview Cloud if desired.
  • The user can set the rate limit threshold to any desired value.
  • If the kW rate exceeds the threshold, Digital Output 3 will provide a 24VDC output to change the state of a relay to shed  load.
  • A timing element requires the kW rate go above the threshold for a configured amount of time before tripping the relay.
  • A configurable dead band in concert with a configurable time delay will determine when the system will return to normal.
  • If local indication is required or there is no Internet connection, GRIDlink is available with a 4″ or 7″ high resolution touch screen for configuration and kW display.

Requires Model VT-IPM2M-113

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