GRIDview – Video Presentation

by | Dec 22, 2018


Whether you are managing a Demand Response Program or are a large load shed provider looking to manage hundreds of devices quickly and easily from your desktop, GRIDview provides the powerful back-end, missing in all other Open ADR solutions.  

Typically a device installation requires hours of on site engineering. GRIDview makes installation easy and eliminates the headaches.

Trained engineers access GRIDlinks remotely and visualize vital data securely without opening ports in the firewall.

This important data is  logged and displayed on configurable trend screens.

Network problems can be diagnosed and IT managers provided with important data to resolve issues.

Test signals can be sent to prove the installed equipment without a VTN.

Download configuration files and Server Credentials at any time, even after the installer has left the site.

If you are planning a pilot program, GRIDview with Demand Response Event Scheduler can demonstrate feasibility of load shedding before you select a (VTN) server. 

Utilities who have standardized on GRIDlink can operate a DR program with far fewer staff, far less investment and lower risk.

With GRIDview Historian, data can be analysed in real time and stored as much as you like for as long as you like.

As the program progresses over the years, software upgrades can be made quickly.

When Sever Certificates are changed as Cyber Security requires, GRIDview handles it easily.

 GRIDview continues to provide value for years to come making your DR dollars go further.

 So if you are planning a DR program or making an existing one more efficient, make GRIDview your choice.