Gold Support

The Gold Maintenance and Support Agreement provides a 24 month extension to GRIDlink’s Standard 12 month Global Support platform.

It provides support services designed to optimize your investment in Open ADR and Energy saving technology.

Gold Support covers all GRIDlink models including GRIDlink ADR, GRIDlink CE & CE Hybrid and GRIDlink MVmeter.

Services are provided by a support team of industry professionals providing best practice methodologies and continuous improvement strategies.

Specialists in industrial automation, software development, wired and wireless networking work in collaboration within an escalation hierarchy, ensuring constant and timely resolution to customer issues.

Gold Support is available during normal business hours PST.

Included with Support Services

A range of technical support services are available to suit the requirements and convenience of customers to help sustain the maximum performance in their Demand Response or Energy Management program.

  • GRIDview Cloud Monitoring
    • Performance and Analysis in real time to pre-emptively identify and correct problems down to the system processor and operating system.
    • Network and Quality of Service issues that would affect the GRIDlink’s ability to participate in a DR Event.
    • Historical Data Logging that records all Events and the GRIDlink performance.
    • Alarms, Daily Digests and instant Notification via email & SMS texts.
  • Technical Support Line
    • Telephone and email access to experienced support technicians
    • Supported by a comprehensive lab where technician can replicate a customer’s configuration and reproduce issues.
    • Support customer will have their questions or issues addressed by the end of the next business day after our receipt of notification.
  • Software and Firmware Upgrades
    • Customers are automatically provided with new releases and product upgrades of GRIDlink software including Open ADR levels and SSL Certs.
    • These are delivered only by customer request in order to maintain system integrity.
  • Hardware Warranty
    • If determined that GRIDlink hardware needs replacement, a fully configured GRIDlink will be shipped FedEx priority overnight for installation by the customer.