Cyber Security

by | Apr 10, 2017

Onboard firewall provides added security.

GRIDlink has a fully configurable onboard firewall that can shut down all incoming ports through configuration or with a command from GRIDview. This adds a extra level of scurity from threats originating inside the corporate network.

GRIDlink accesses the Utility’s Demand Response Server (VTN) and GRIDview, using port 443 (SSL). There is no need to open any port in the firewall or make any special network configuration. GRIDlink VEN can be configured for static IP but most installations utilize DHCP.

GRIDlink has a hard coded unique serial number in its firmware which is used on the GRIDview server to authenticate.  Every time the GRIDlink client exchanges data with either server the hashed serial number is validated to a 256 bit encryption key.

GRIDlink pulls down the event information from the DRAS in the form of an XML file, then parses the file and updates its database. Data packets are zipped and requires an 128 bit encryption key to unpack. Syntax and case are critical to where if so much as one letter is omitted or one appears that is not expected, the GRIDlink will not execute and default to a non-event state.

The VTN URL, USER NAME and PASSWORD are hard coded into the GRIDlink and cannot be changed or accessed through normal operation. However if an edit is required this can be done through an authenticated Admin user from the GRIDview site.




The question of allowing the GRIDlink to obtain it’s IP address from the DHCP server and then perhaps assigning it in the router as a permanent IP is really the only area IT Managers need to concern themselves with.

GRIDlink initiates a two way communication link with the VTN and GRIDview servers with a put and get method of communicating.  This allows a secure exchange of information and yet an open interface to get real-time reports and modifies its configuration.

We maintain the latest service packs and upgrades on our servers. We will gladly provide the current operating system software to our customer upon request.

As a standalone solution, GRIDlink MVmeter can be installed in the local area network and pump meter readings to the GRIDview Cloud  from behind firewalls without opening ports.

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