Basics of Remote Cellular Access

Apr 14, 2017 | Networks-Group, Products-Group

Basics Of Remote Cellular Access

Should I use a router or a modem?

It has been the conventional wisdom that if you had only one device that required a wireless Internet connection you should choose a modem but because routers are coming down in price wile offering more features, routers are the best choice.

Why should I spend the extra for Commercial/Industrial?

Consumer grade is enticing because of its low price but will it survive in the long term? Industrial products not only can withstand environmental challenges like temperature and vibration but are made to last for years.

Consumer items have a product life cycle defined in months after which a newer product is introduced to respond to the consumer market. Industrial manufacturers design their products to last for years but also for backwards compatibility so the user does not need to re-engineer their application every time they wish to add or replace an installation.

Introducing the GRIDlink RAc

Remote Access Cellular Router

GRIDlink RAc cell router

How can I access a PLC or Building Management System Remotely?

The cell router utilizes port forwarding which permits the access of automation devices as if they resided on the LAN in your office.  Just configure the cell router with the IP address and port number of the remote LAN. Place it on the remote LAN.

Can 2 PLCs Communicate over Modbus TCP Remotely using Cell?

Yes, and only 1 router needed. With a Static IP SIM Card from Verizon the IP Address can be programed into a PLC in the home location and READ / WRITE data over Modbus to another PLC or IO in the remote location miles away. Just configure port 502.

What is WAN failover?

Network WAN failover is where a cell router has a primary and a secondary Internet source. If the primary fails then it switches over to the secondary. It also switches back once the primary recovers.

There can be several types depending on the hardware.

Cell WAN to cell WAN – If the cell router has 2 SIM cards then it is capable of switching between carriers like Verizon & AT&T.

Cell WAN to LAN – If the local area network has an Internet connection the router detects if the LAN loses its Internet connection and switches to the Cell backhaul from the wireless carrier. This method can significantly reduce the size of the monthly data plan thereby saving money.

Cell routers also have WiFi Access Points which could be used to connect devices and switch over automatically to prevent loss of WiFi.