Jan 2, 2016 | Cyber Security

TripWire lock physically blocks any RJ45 port.

Security issues don’t only come from the outside …

TripWire RJ45 port lock
Trip Wire RJ45 port lock
RAM with TripWire

The optional TripWire RJ45 port lock physically blocks the main serial configuration port of the GRIDlink or Ethernet ports of switches or routers.

Each TripWire is given a unique number. Once installed it cannot be removed without destroying it providing a visual indication that an intrusion attempt has been made.

This device is a Military grade solution and is certified with the National Security Agency Acquisition Resource Center (NSAARC). Each one has a unique serial number which is recorded upon shipment and paired with GRIDlink’s serial number.

As a second line of defense, the RS232 port is disabled in the firmware configuration.