ST-IPM-6350 ADR Series

by | Sep 6, 2018

Modular and Scalable ADR Controller

GRIDlink ST-IPM-6350 ADR is used when there are distributed devices (including I/O) over a large area and different communication methods are required.

With Open ADR already embedded, using “Toolkit” allows the user to create many I/O transfers to gather data from Modbus meters, energy management systems and send Open ADR Event binary signals to remote I/O. This configuration can be (securely) and remotely downloaded using the Internet.

GRIDview Cloud allows our engineers to oversee and assist installations in real time so installers do not have to return to the jobsite for any reason.

Industrial RTU features:

  • Adaptable Control Logic
  • Modbus, DNP3 Standard
  • BACnet is available when used with the GRIDlink HMI.