The GRIDlink WiFi Access Point can simplify installation of client devices or Virtual End Nodes.  This  rugged Industrial POE  Wireless Base Station powers the next-generation Carrier Class PtP and PtMP airMAX networks. Weatherproof for outdoor operation, it operates in extreme environments from -30 to +75C.

Create a secure robust hotspot dedicated to the Energy Management system with no limit to the number of clients. Connect directly to a router with an Internet connection and the Access Point will manage the network you have created. Just drop in Wifi Clients with validated user names and passwords and you are connected.

In this diagram, the Access Point is connected to a GRIDlink CE cellular device which has OpenADR embedded. The GRIDlink CE communicates to the VTN (DR Server) through the network router. The GRIDlink CE also communicates to all the client devices or Virtual End Nodes through the WiFi network where it passes shed Events status and receives Meter Data.

In this configuration, the GRIDlink CE can be set up to detect any failure in the “wired Connection” and fail over to cellular until the connection is restored.

With a wide array of carrier class antenna choices the GRIDlink WiFi Access Point can flexibly cover large areas with distances of up to 30km.