GRIDlink WiFi Client seamlessly connect GRIDlink within a large commercial building or industrial plant up to 1000m reliably.  The GRIDlink WiFi Client can connect to your  existing secure 802.11 a,b,g,n or with the GRIDlink WiFi Access Point operate on a dedicated robust WiFi network and achieve greater distances.

GRIDlink uses an advanced Industrial POE radio with built in antenna. It is weatherproof and operates in extreme environments -30 to +75C.


Easy to install since it requires only a single CAT5E cable for connectivity and power. Simply strap it in place in line of sight of the Access Point and plug it into the POE injector provided. A second cable goes from the injector to the EtherTRAK Remote IO module. A carrier class outdoor Ethernet cable is provided per customer requirement.

 Simple WiFi topNodeClient

As part of a GRIDlink WiFi Access Point  system, the GRIDlink can be located anywhere in the network and be extended to remote devices.