GRIDlink ADR – Video Presentation

by | Dec 22, 2018

GRIDlink ADR is the most advanced Automated Demand Response device in the world.

Based on a rugged Industrial Linux platform, it goes anywhere from Plant Floors, large Hotels, Sports Venues and Steel Mills.

Certified by the Open ADR Alliance, GRIDlink meets all 2.0a and 2.0b requirements and has proven inter-operability with all major VTNs.

DIN rail or  surface mount GRIDlink installs in minutes with no special training.

Just connect one or more relays to a load. (pause for video 1)

Apply 10 to 30 Volts DC (pause for video 1)

Connect to the Internet (pause for video 1)

Local LED indicators show a good network and connection to the Utility’s server (pause for video 2)

That’s it – installation complete!

GRIDlink meets all Program Requirements for Simple and Special Events.

It also features a Demand Response Event Scheduler, which can schedule up to 5 Events without being connected to a VTN server.

This is ideal for pilot programs or testing.

With 4 inputs for physical KYZ meters or Modbus registers, GRIDlink provides telemetry data, which can be viewed over GRIDview and the VTN server.

GRIDlink eliminates risks and lowers your installation costs with significantly less time at the site.

 Hundreds sold worldwide GRIDlink is the leader for Commercial/Industrial applications. Make GRIDlink ADR your next choice.