Dynamic ADR

by | Nov 22, 2020

2.0b Special Signals enable Proportional Output for Control of Distributed Resources

– Control Shed, Generation & Storage –

Load Control Signal Values from VTN instruct GRIDlink to execute individual Control Strategies

Not only exchange data but change parameters for each Event

  • PID Control Outputs based on data polled from a local meter: kW, kVAR, Voltage or Frequency
  • PID output type is selectable: Proportional 0-100% or ON-OFF 0% or 100% for Shed or Consume / Store strategies.
  • Six Boolean Relay Outputs that change state based on an individually configurable trip point (1% to 100%) of the PID output.
  • Each Relay has a theoretical Watt or kW value that compares actual load shed/consume/store in trend screens in real time.
  • Load Control Signal Value determines Event Duration, Meter Data type, Set Point and PID Output type.