Distributed Energy Resource (DERMS)

by | Feb 25, 2020

Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems

GRIDlinks are designed to work seamlessly with any large scale system.

Built for Commercial and Industrial applications, GRIDlinks have the back end and middle-ware to provide features wanted by the Utilities but are difficult to integrate in large energy resource management systems.

  •  Direct Device Control at the user level from the Utilities’ Operation.
  • Instant Streaming of user defined data including Meter Interval Data to our secure Historian accessible via an API .
  • Custom Software Development when needed to insure interoperability and mitigate roll-out surprises with Integrated systems.
  • Remote software and configuration upgrade remotely keeps all GRIDlinks operational into the  future.
  • Highly Cyber Secure on the Internet and within the local customer network.

Deploy thousands of smart end nodes capable of streaming data to any 3rd party Server