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The first Global User Interface

that simplifies management of

energy systems anywhere …

an Enterprise Scale Solution


capable of control and monitoring

of thousands of devices globally

Servers throughout the World


bring high volume data securely and reliably

from anywhere to your PC or Smart Device

Simplifies Hardware Installation


No special training needed

our engineers are virtually on-site.

Real Time Analytics


Analyze data as it is received

Turnkey Solutions for OEMs

  • Fast to market solutions for your product
  • Complete end to end integration


Distributed control and monitoring of intelligent devices with advanced capabilities …
  • Cloud Server-based control, data acquisition and enterprise management
  • Configuration changes and program updates are managed from the Web host
  • Two way communications behind firewalls and on private networks
  • Highly secure communication with multiple security levels of access
  • No servers to buy or maintain
  • Location independent – manage multiple global installations
  • Unlimited scalability and a built in Modbus Gateway
  • Historian Logs data on change of state, to minimize data plan requirements
  • Serve as much information to as many users as you wish at no extra cost
  • Tag Values, Alarms, History and Processor Information

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