GRIDlink T24 for New Construction

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Products-Group, Title 24-Group

GRIDlink T24
Meets California Title 24 requirements
California Demand response building code requirements are generally triggered by the construction of or additions to facilities but may also be triggered by the replacement of specific pieces of equipment. The building code requires:

 The ability to participate in demand response events but does not require the actual participation in demand response events.

GRIDlink T24 achieves all the Title 24 requirements in an easy to install package. Later when the property owner wishes to partisipate with the Utility in Open ADR, it can be enabled remotely.


  • Open ADR 2.0a/b certified
  • Cost effective – saves time and money
  • Simple to install
  • No special training required
  • Test locally with a manual Test Button
  • 1 Ethernet port but no network needed for testing
  • Embedded Cellular but no data plan to purchase
  • Free remote test included for demonstration
Whether it is new construction or upgrading existing equipment, GRIDlink makes it easy for the Contractor to meet California Demand Response building code requirements in Title 24.

Just provide 24VDC supply and connect the relay output to the load. A 0-10VDC output is available as well.

Testing locally is also easy using the manual push button.

Should there ever be a requirement to test remotely we have included an onboard cell modem. No cell data plan to buy as a free remote test is included. In the future the if the owner wishes to partisipate the cell connection can be activated or remain dormant where the connection to the Utility can be made through the Ethernet port on the local LAN.