Cyber Security

Mar 15, 2021

GRIDview utilizes Multi Factor Authenication.

Behind the Firewall Technology

There is never a need to open a port in the firewall or make any special network configuration as all communications are outbound. No incoming traffic.

We maintain the latest service packs and upgrades on our servers.

GRIDlink Cyber Security

GRIDlink Firewall for Protection Inside the Network

All GRIDlinks have a fully configurable onboard firewall that can shut down all incoming ports including FTP and Telnet through initial configuration or with a command from GRIDview. This adds an extra level of security from threats originating inside the corporate network.

GRIDview Cyber Security Pen Test

GRIDview has successfully undergone full cyber security penetration testing by Cylance and Deloitte Hong Kong for its production servers.

256 Bit Encription

GRIDlink has a hard coded unique serial number in its firmware which is used on the GRIDview server to authenticate. Every time the GRIDlink client exchanges data with either server the hashed serial number is validated to a 256 bit encryption key using port 443 (SSL).

Kyrio Certs

In accordance with the OpenADR Alliance requirements, GRIDlink utilizes Kyrio Certs to communicate to the Utility’s Demand Response Server (VTN).